Good Food + Beach = :) Costa Rica Part 3!

I completely forgot to include a really cool photo from Monteverde! Check this out:


It’s a banana tree!! If you don’t pick the bananas at the right time, they start turning into flowers. Who knew?! I was very amused by this.

After Monteverde, we drove back to San Jose to get on a plane to Drake Bay in the Osa Peninsula down at the very bottom of Costa Rica. 

Meal on the side of the road on the way to the airport:

cheese empanada with black beans, veggies, and lots of MADORUS!!

cheese empanada with black beans, veggies, and lots of MADUROS!!

This was a lot of food, but it was so cheap! And really delicious. Somehow, I never got sick of black beans…This kept me very full on our journey all the way down to Drake.

Drake Bay is spectacular! It’s not crowded or touristy at all down there, and it has gorgeous beaches, lush rainforest, great weather, and cool people. It was our absolute favorite place in Costa Rica! I would never even *think* of visiting Costa Rica without spending at least a couple days here. I wish we could have stayed a month.

we were HERE!

we were HERE!

We rode horses on this beach one morning (after riding through the rainforest also). We heard that there was a yoga center down in Drake Bay, but we never found it. But my roommate and I did our own yoga right on this beach! It was incredibly relaxing.

First night in Drake Bay, we got some ceviche with tostones, which are cripsy fried plaintains. They are made from unripe plantains, so they are not sweet like maduros.

big bowl of white fish and shrimp ceviche

big bowl of white fish and shrimp ceviche

Later when we were walking around, we saw a guy grilling out shrimp right in front of a cute little soda! “Sodas” are what they call small family owned restaurants in Costa Rica; going to these is the best way to find really good authentic food!  We decided we had to go there for lunch the next day!


Grilled shrimp and rice with a fresh salad! The salad had apples, cucumbers, heart of palm, shredded carrots, and cabbage.

Breakfast the next day was rice and beans with eggs (see Part 1) with a fresh fruit plate:

pineapple, cantaloupe, and papaya

pineapple, cantaloupe, and papaya

and this view:


This was actually my first time trying fresh papaya, and I actually did not like it that much. I love dried papaya, and I was hoping to be blown away by fresh papaya, but it just didn’t appeal to me…but the pineapple and cantaloupe were fantastic!!! I only like cantaloupe if it is really fresh and juicy, and it was :).

After Drake Bay, went went back to San Jose, and spent a couple days there before we flew home. I will post pictures from San Jose tomorrow!

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11 responses to “Good Food + Beach = :) Costa Rica Part 3!

  1. The epitome of paradise.

  2. Oh my gosh, my jaw is on the floor in awe of your life. Everything looks absolutely fantastic… you lucky girl :)

  3. I didn’t know that about banana/flower either! The food looks delicious!

    The pictures of the scenery are absolutely stunning! I agree with VG – epitome of paradise!!

  4. Helen's Journey

    I want to be on that beach right now :D

    We sold banana plants in a garden centre I used to work in, I wouldn’t have thought they’d survive in British weather.

  5. I didn’t know bananas became flowers-that seems strange! That huge cheese empanada looks so wonderful. I wish I was on that paradise of a beach doing yoga-right now!! So gorgeous.

  6. cleanveggiex3

    FABULOUS eats :)
    your fruit looks so fresh

  7. I do like papaya. But you are right, fresh papaya has a wierd taste to eat. And that beach? I think I could spend several days laying right there!

  8. omg all the food looks amazing! What is a maduro??? Is that like a fried plantain??? I LOVE fried plantaines:)

  9. Kate- YES! Maduros are sweet fried plantains, and they are delicious! Tostones are unripe fried plantains and are crispy like chips (and also delicious…you should try them!)

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