Tofu Tacos

Today’s lunch features CCV’s Mad Tofu Scramble in taco form!! I am currently obsessed with these tofu scrambles…they are so easy, delicious, and satisfying! 


Squash, zucchini, LOTS of spinach, silken tofu, and Emeril’s Southwest seasoning.dscf4354

Served with salsa and corn tortillas.dscf4356dscf4355


Cooking for one: I realize that the ingredients today’s lunch are strikingly similar to the ones in yesterday’s post — spinach, squash, salsa, corn tortillas, and I probably would have added black beans if I hadn’t eaten them all!  It’s hard to keep a variety of foods stocked in the kitchen when you usually just cook for one, but it’s fun to try to creatively use up your food :). I don’t feel like I’m eating the same food all the time, but it does look really redundant when I blog about it… 

Another food highlight of the day was a trip to Ben and Jerry’s. I was too nice outside to stay in the apartment, so I went for a walk downtown with one of my roommates, and we went shopping (aka: drooled over lots of really cute dresses we couldn’t afford…), and we got ice cream:


The Imagine Whirled Peace flavor is my FAVORITE! Caramel and sweet cream ice creams with fudge peace signs and toffee cookie pieces.

Speaking of Ben and Jerry’s, Tuesday April 21st is free cone day!!! Mark your calendars :).

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8 responses to “Tofu Tacos

  1. CARAMEL?!?!?!??!?! **swoons**

  2. Fudge peace signs – I love it! I also love sauteed zucchini and squash!! What a great meal!

  3. What an amazingly awesome awesome idea!! You rock, Tyler!!!

    I love the Ben&Jerry names for their flavors. I think Chunky Monkey is my favorite… They had to change the name in japan because it translated to “Monkey Chunks”

  4. Whooo, it’s ice cream season! That picture is making my mouth water :-)

  5. My two favourite men – Ben and Jerry! ;)

  6. caitlin

    strange question, but have you seen the movie “Adventureland”? There is this gorgeous actress playing a character called Jenny P., and she totally reminded me of the pictures I’ve seen of you on your blog!

  7. broccolihut

    YUM! I love making my scrambles into burritos–yours looks killer;)

  8. I don’t think I’ve had that B&J flavor. But I might have to know because it sounds awesome

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