What I’ve been reading lately (and you should, too!)

I probably spend way too much time online, but I do read some interesting stuff! Basically, I’m obsessed with anything cooking/nutrition/fitness related, and there is a plethora of info out there on the internet (some more credible than others…). Anyway, I though I would share with you some interesting articles I’ve read lately.

  • Ever hear diet advice like, “Eat 100 calories a day less and lose 10 pounds in a year!!”? The dietitian on the Today Show always says stuff like that, suggesting that small daily substitutions can make a significant weight loss impact. Unfortunately, long-term weight loss is not as simple as swapping out a candy bar for an apple everyday.  Here’s another NY Times article that explains why.
  • The Colbert report has been featuring a lot of very different nutrition expert guests lately! There is one with Michael Pollan, one with a Primal diet guru, and one with a the vegan author of Eating Animals. Even if you had zero interest in nutrition, these interviews would be entertaining because Steven Colbert is alway hysterically funny.
  • I look at Food Gawker (aka food porn central) constantly. I’m assuming most food bloggers are with me on this. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you must go to that site NOW!) I usually want to make every other recipe on there, but I probably am not going to cook anything that seems complicated or has a long ingredient list. Recently, I found this very pretty Spring Pea Soup that has 4 ingredients!! That’s my kind of recipe.
  • How did Olympic ice dancer Tanith Belbin improve her performance? She gained 10 pounds. I think that this is such a good message to send to female athletes at all levels.  I was quite a bit thinner than I am now when I first started training for triathlons, and I soon realized that although a was a super fast long distance runner, I had terrible speed in the water and on the bike. After gaining a little weight, I benefited from increased buoyancy in the water (sounds stupid, but it really really helps!) and strength to power myself up those hills on the bike.  There is also a good NY Times article from last month that goes into why slimmer doesn’t always mean fitter.

Ok, that’s all for now. Have a great weekend everybody! I will be partying it up for Chip’s B-Day :). I can’t wait…I love birthdays!

What are you doing this weekend? (Besides checking out all these awesome links I shared, of course!)

Also, if you watch the Colbert Show videos, what do you think about the Caveman/Primal diet vs. a vegan diet? Who do think made better points in the interview? And who do you think looked healthier?

In my unscientific evalutation, I must say that caveman guy is definitely hotter! (Nice muscles, thick shiny hair…) But I honestly have equal respect for both diets, and I don’t think that there is a one-size-fits all way to eat.  I’m interested to hear all your opinions!

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6 responses to “What I’ve been reading lately (and you should, too!)

  1. GREAT post, love all the links!! i got to cook dinner for michael pollan a couple years ago, i was totally starstruck haha. i’m definitely a fan of vegan diet vs caveman, but i think it all comes down to what you eat within those diets. you can be vegan and subsist solely on potato chips and skittles!!

  2. Sarah Hafiz

    Thank YOU for these great reads and the colbert clips loved them!

  3. I think the cutting 100 food calories a day comes from the fact that if you go 100 food calories over than your recommendation (of course your exact recommendation, exercise and all) that you gain about a pound in a month. That is what I was taught in my nutrition class and just read a pamphlet on it from an RD.

    • the 100 calories x 30 days in a month = 3000 kcal, which is almost what it takes to gain one pound (really its 3500 kcal). so over the course of a month, you probably would gain about a pound, but you would not keep gaining weight after that b/c your metabolism will adjust to your new weight.

  4. Have you seen the NYTimes blog yet? They have a health blog and I think it’s different than their health section because it’s updated about 4-5 times per day!! It’s called “Well” or “The Well Blog”. Check it out!
    Happy B-day to Chip :) I hope you enjoyed the weekend celebrating with him!

  5. This was fun to read! I love Michael Pollan! And buoyancy — I knew I was achieving something with my physique! : )

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